Beacon Emergency Dispatch ID 4428: Minibus Multi-Casualty Incident

4428: Multi-Casualty Minibus Collision

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

“ Results of a collision along the Puerto Plata-Maimon on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017. Several people were injured. Two of them were transported by Rescate Ámbar  including one who was extricated by our volunteers using our hydraulic extrication tools. Also on-scene were local firefighters, 911, police and AMET. 

Results of the accident that occurred on the Puerto Plata-Maimon highway, Sunday 12/17/2017. Several people were injured in the urban transport minibus accident. Two of them were transferred by Ámbar Rescue units, it was even necessary to use the hydraulic extrication equipment to be able to extract one of the occupants of said vehicle. Firefighters, 911 police and Amet personnel also acted.

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