Why Use Beacon

Each year Beacon coordinates responses to tens of thousands of emergency incidents across more than 20 different countries.

Use Beacon. Respond with confidence!

Makes Emergency Response Efficient

Whether you’re responding to one emergency incident in one town with five responders, or you’re responding to 25 emergencies across multiple jurisdictions with 500 responders, Beacon reduces the need for redundant, time-consuming and error-prone radio chatter by automating the predictable aspects of emergency response using any mobile phone.

Reduces Response Times

Beacon decentralizes emergency dispatching so that anyone carrying a mobile phone can be dispatched to emergency incidents, enabling response personnel to get on scene well ahead of the ambulance and have the ability to manage incoming resources from their own phones.

Allows Flexible Configuration

Every community has its own response challenges. Beacon’s flexible architecture lets organizations dispatch and coordinate responders the way they need to, whether you’re crowdsourcing volunteers or coordinating dedicated personnel, Beacon makes it all possible.

Reduces Technology Costs

Mobile phones have radically changed the landscape and Beacon is taking full advantage of the opportunity. Whether you have legacy CAD systems, or you’re using off-the-shelf mobile apps, Beacon offers a comprehensive dispatching solution that will easily integrate with whatever existing communications you have.

A few more facts about our response system

Platform dispatch to mobile devices

Easy mobile device response operations

24/7 Support

System setup is
30-minute or less

Integrates with CAD dispatch system

Works with or without internet

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