Mental Health Crises

Beacon Helps Mobile Crisis Response Teams

The Beacon Crisis Dispatch platform provides a straightforward approach to dispatching that can be used as a primary or auxiliary solution by 988 and MCRTs to alert, track and coordinate mobile crisis responders.

Overcome Communication
Challenges with Beacon

The Problem

  • Mobile crisis response teams need a simple and affordable way to alert, coordinate and track their responders
  • 9-1-1 communication centers can be reluctant to integrate mobile crisis response teams into their computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems
  • Most MCRTs and 988 call centers don’t even need the legacy CAD systems used by 9-1-1 call centers

The Solution

The Beacon Crisis Dispatch platform alerts, coordinates and tracks mobile crisis response teams and other mental health crisis counselors to provide rapid, tailored care alongside, or in lieu of, traditional 9-1-1 responders

Watch our presentation from the 988 Crisis Jam

Featured Partner

Since 2021, Telecare Corporation has been using our Beacon Crisis Dispatch platform to manage their mobile crisis response teams in San Diego, California. Watch this video to learn more about this pioneering program.

Sample Response Workflows*

*Multiple response workflows are possible

Crisis is reported

A witness identifies a need for mobile crisis response and counseling

Response Dispatch

A dispatcher receives the call from the witness, enters the incident location and other essential information into Beacon, and then can send it out to many responders or only to specific response units, offering multiple dispatching options.

image 26

Crisis Response

Response personnel are assigned to the crisis, directed to the incident location and kept updated about the status of the incident and other responders throughout the incident lifecycle.

image 27

Arrive On-Scene

Responders locate the victim and update the dispatcher through Beacon, ensuring accountability and maintaining open communications if more resources are needed.


When needed, Beacon tracks transports and updates receiving facilities of pending arrivals.

Reporting & Documentation

Beacon compiles a full suite of operations documentation in real-time, including incident response times, responder performance and HIPAA-compliant case reports (coming Jan 2023)

Report Icon IMG

Independent Call Center

CTHRA (Hartford, CT)
Workflow CTHRA Independent Call Center IMG

Multi-Access Call Center

Telecare (San Diego, CA)
Workflow Telecare IMG

Public Safety Integration

SafeNest (Las Vegas, NV)
Workflow SafeNest IMG
Beacon Logotype

Mental Health Crisis Response Features

Easy Setup

No computer science degree required. Follow the guide and videos to be ready to start dispatching in less than 30 minutes

Configurable Dispatch

Beacon’s flexible design allows organizations to dispatch responders manually or through automation; they can assign specific responders or crowdsource from a larger pool; and they can manage it all via the web app or the mobile app

Decentralized Response

No sophisticated call center required: Manager responders, create incidents and track operations through any computer or smartphone

Works with or without internet

Beacon functions on any mobile phone, via push notifications when Internet’s available or SMS when not

Scalable Volume

Whether you have 5 responders or 500, Beacon can handle your volume through automated workflows and real-time tracking

Performance Reporting

Beacon offers a full-suite of reports, including responder reports, incident reports, historical reports and case reports (coming Jan 2023)

Beacon Logotype

Beacon Crisis Response is a cloud-based, do-it-yourself platform for response organizations that alerts, coordinates and tracks crisis responders using any mobile phone, with or without internet.

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