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Trek Medics International develops innovative mobile technologies to ensure communities can send the right responder to the right location at the right time. We do this primarily through Beacon, a reliable and cost-effective dispatch solution for responder organizations.

Join the thousands worldwide who have streamlined their dispatch operations with Beacon.
Beacon supports two types of response agencies:
The Crisis Response Podcast


  • Episode #8: Opioid Overdoses in Vancouver | Brave Co-Op
    If someone witnesses an opioid overdose, naloxone is a proven method to quickly reverse the effects of opioids and save lives. But what happens when someone overdoses and no one sees it? The Brave Co-Op in Vancouver is pioneering overdose detection tools to activate life-saving community response and reduce fatal, unwitnessed overdoses.
  • Episode #7: Treating Sick Children at Night in Haiti | MotoMeds
    What are parents with sick children supposed to do at night when all the pediatric clinics close at 5pm? In Haiti, the MotoMeds Pediatric Health Hotline is transforming how parents can get treatment for sick children in the middle of the night and prevent routine illnesses from turning into acute emergencies.
  • Episode #6: Crisis Communications Technology for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing | AccesSOS
    What happens if the person calling 9-1-1 for emergency assistance is deaf? AccesSOS founder Gabriella Wong shares how her tech platform is solving that problem by making it easy for the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate with 9-1-1 dispatchers during emergencies.
  • Episode #5: Domestic Violence in Las Vegas | SafeNest
    In Las Vegas, a pioneering partnership between Metropolitan Police and SafeNest dispatches trained advocates to provide social services to domestic violence survivors alongside law enforcement. In this episode, SafeNest’s CEO, Liz Ortenburger, talks about SafeNest’s pioneering crisis response program and shares more on how the crisis response program works, the metrics they use to prove their success, how they deal with safety concerns, and much more. 
  • Episode #4: Opioid Overdoses in Hartford | Connecticut Harm Reduction Alliance
    For almost two decades the US has been battling an “opioid epidemic”. In Hartford, CT, street outreach workers with the Connecticut Harm Reduction Alliance (CTHRA) respond to opioid overdoses alongside police, fire and EMS. In this episode, Mark Jenkins, CTHRA Founder and Executive Director, talks about their work on the frontlines preventing fatal overdoses.
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