Beacon Field-Testing

In June, we visited our Haitian counterparts with the Aquin community emergency response team in the southern Haiti, to conduct joint field-testing for our new [...]

Response 101

One Sunday afternoon, driving back to Port-au-Prince on Boulevard Harry Truman, I came up on a scene that's not completely uncommon: a young teenager had been [...]

Port-au-Prince EMS

At first glance, Port-au-Prince may seem the most difficult place on earth to develop a reliable EMS system. However, with the right partners and shared goals, we’ve seen that an effective and [...]

Pediatric Transport

Incident çAn 11-month in respiratory failure secondary to septic shock is a tough call to be on. Having to transport that same patient in a developing country with no EMS system or ambulance [...]

Haiti Earthquake

  Skip to: – Photo Galleries – Video – Deployment – The World Arrives – The Aftermath – At the Orphanage – The Medical Clinic Background Haiti is a [...]