Mniko Ghatt - Bodaboda Emergency Responder of the Year, Tanzania

2017 Bodaboda Emergency Responders of the Year – Tanzania

Mwanza, Tanzania

These young men are bodaboda (moto-taxi) drivers in Mwanza, Tanzania, who were cross-trained by the Tanzania Rural Health Movement in 2015 to be volunteer community first responders and work alongside the Mwanza Fire and Rescue Force to provide prehospital emergency care and transport to local citizens.

This past January, the three of them — Mniko Ghatt, Anicet Mase and Nehemiah Wegero — were each named Beacon 2017 Responders of the Year for having responded to the most emergency incidents. Dr. Marko Hingi, Executive Director of the Tanzania Rural Health Movement spoke with each of them after recieving new smartphones for their hard work and commitment to the community of Mwanza throughout 2017.

What is your name?
Mniko Ghatt. 

How did you get started?
I attended training provided by Tanzania Rural Health Movement then got certified and later on become community first responder.

How do you find out about emergencies?
I get notifications through Beacon text messages and then I go to respond.

What are your responsibilities?
Transport passengers and take care of my familyTo provide first aid to victims during emergencies

Can you tell us about a memorable incident?
Aga Khan Road April 2017

Road Traffic Accident involving bodaboda passenger and car where the passenger sustained injury around their right eye. I stopped bleed by compressing on bleed site then I took the victim to Police for PF3 form and finally I handled the patient to Bugando Medical Centre for further care.

What is your name?
Anicet Mase 

How did you get started as a boda boda responder?
I heard a call for volunteers to become responders then I joined training with the Tanzania Rural Health Movement and finally I become community first responder. 

How do you find out about emergencies?
Either when I see an incident on my daily activities and I call 114 or through messages from Beacon software. 

What are your responsibilities?
To make sure the patient get basic pre hospital care immediately and get transported to the hospital 

Can you tell us about a memorable incident?
Wurzburg Road April 2017

Attended two casualties that sustained fractures of lower limbs after road traffic crash between tricycle motorcycle and two wheel motorcycle. We were three boda boda responders and after receiving alert text we started to provide care to severely injured victim and in a few minutes the Fire Engine came and took the patients to the hospital.

What is your name?
Nehemiah Wegero 

How did you get started as a boda boda first responder?
When I was young I had a dream to become health care provider and when I heard about Mwanza Community First Response I decided to join as part of fulfilling my dream but also to help my family and community in general

How do you find out about emergencies?
After receiving Beacon alert message then I respond and go to scene to provide free pre hospital care.

What are your responsibilities?
To volunteer at my level best to ensure I help my community during emergencies

Can you tell us about a memorable incident?
Dec. 2017 at Mabatini Line Police.

A high moving speed car hit a bodaboda driver from behind after the bodaboda stopped on the zebra cross (crosswalk), sending the bodaboda driver and his passenger into another pedestrian crossing 1he zebra lines. I called 114 to alert the firefighters and asked the bystanders to help to move the casualties to a safe place off the highway. I then started providing care and asked for a piece of “Khanga” cloth from bystanders and used it to stop the bleeding of one woman who was severely injured and within a few minutes fire fighter came and took the casualties to the hospital for further care.

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