Little Room for Air

Matt Gamache is a paramedic in San Diego, CA, and is leading Trek Medics' efforts in Baja California, México. In this post he describes some of the logistical challenges Tijuana paramedics face [...]

Tijuana, 1987

"Most of the calls took place in the streets. Sometimes we went into houses, but not too often, because we were often called to lower-income neighborhoods where the houses were built very close [...]


A QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT In 2010, Comandate José Pérez of the Aguascalientes Fire Department reached out to us, eager to improve the quality of care his department provided. After learning [...]

Loreto, Mexico

We were met on the airfield by a couple of the local paramedics. They told us that they didn’t want to bring the patient off the cruise ship unless they had something to settle down with. [...]