Paramédico: Around the World by Ambulance - By Benjamin Gilmour

“Paramédico: Around the World by Ambulance” release!

Murder in Johannesburg. Deep fried insects in the Philippines. Gypsy drama in Macedonia. Christmas tidal wave in Thailand. War in Pakistan. Naked in Iceland. A death in Venice. Exorcism in Hawai’i. Initiation by fire in Mexico City…

Welcome to the world of the paramedic!

Around the World by Ambulance
by Benjamin Gilmour (HarperCollins)

‘Pulsates with adrenalin and indisputable authenticity.’ – Sydney Morning Herald

There are few professions like that of an ambulance worker – we have a rare license to enter the homes of complete strangers and bear witness to their most personal moments of crisis. Right now, more than 100,000 ambulance medics across the planet are scrambling under crashed cars, scooping up body parts after bombings and stemming the blood flow of gunshot victims in seedy alleys. A good number too are just as likely to be raising an eyebrow at some trivial complaint their patient has considered life threatening.

“Wherever I journeyed, my ambulance family not only showed me their way of life, they also unlocked the secret doors to their cities and the character of their people.”
(From PARAMÉDICO by Benjamin Gilmour)

Gilmour takes his enormous passion far from home, serving as a paramedic in ten countries over fifteen years, including the Philippines, Iceland, Thailand and Pakistan. PARAMÉDICO is part travelogue, part adventure, part sociological research, part biography, all delivered with equal parts heartbreak and hilarity.

Author and paramedic Benjamin Gilmour has seen it all – and if he hasn’t, one of his compatriots has. The real-life cast of characters ranges from saintly to madcap and everything in between. The book will put you behind the wheel of ambulances deliberately hurtling toward disaster, or trying to pass under a low bridge in Venice at high tide.

Pakistan Rescue 1122 ©B. Gilmour

PARAMÉDICO is the brilliant collection of Gilmour’s wild adventures with other EMTs, paramedics and ER doctors & nurses around the world. It is a rare book; one not to be missed.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Benjamin Gilmour is an Australian paramedic who, for fifteen years, has worked with ambulance services in America, England, Iceland, Macedonia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa and Thailand. He is also the director of the award-winning film, Son of a Lion. Along with his book on international paramedics, his film Paramédico is also a full-length documentary to be released in the U.S. in September, premiering at the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas.

BENJAMIN GILMOUR will be appearing at the EMS World Expo 2013 in Las Vegas and touring the USA from 8th-20th of September. To arrange an interview, please email:
Kass Warner (Publicist)
[email protected]

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