Trek Medics International is a 501c3-registered nonprofit organization dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities without reliable access to emergency care. We make our services available to all communities, regardless of race, religion or creed.

Our Story

How We Started

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Trek Medics started as a loose-knit collection of your every-day responders — paramedics, EMTs, nurses and doctors — who formed a unique bond through disaster deployments and international development programs. Even after thousands of hours working on the street and in emergency departments, what really opened our eyes to the need for an adaptable and inexpensive EMS systems in developing countries was the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Our experiences there forever forged the mission of Trek Medics.

The Need for Long-Term Solutions


“Ambulance chairs” (shown here) were used in Haiti during the 2010 post-earthquake cholera outbreak to bring the rural sick to the cholera treatment centers from the mountains. Seeing them drove two important points home for Trek Medics’s founders: 1) there was a great need for emergency systems development; and 2) wherever these people were coming from, no ambulance was going to get to them. Fortunately, they didn’t wait around and found a creative albeit primitive way to get aid. Maybe we could find ways to help them improve the process. While responding to disasters with emergency relief, medical missions and isolated training exchanges is a start, such activities aren’t long-term solutions. To improve EMS systems in a meaningful way, bigger, more systemic changes are needed — and full-time dedication is the only way it can happen. That’s when we knew we had to launch Trek Medics.

Outrageous Goals at the Grassroots Level

pem_cpr on the beach_do_imgSince 2012 we at Trek Medics have been at it full-time. We’ve brought on board a phenomenal team of individuals, foundations and private partners over the past three years. We’ve picked up a program in northern Dominican Republic where a group of volunteers in a coastal village has been methodically piecing together a formal rural response system with help from the local fire department and hospital. We’ve launched new programs in East Africa. We’ve got our eyes on some pretty outrageous goals, all led at the grassroots level. We hope to earn your support.

Our Team

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